Polish law is not an easy thing to be mastered: it changes very quickly, sometimes quite unexpectedly. 

At my law firm, I warmly welcome foreign clients looking for the highest quality professional legal advice.

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Due to the highly individual nature of each case, the price for legal services requires individual negotiations before undertaking any activity. I sign a written arrangement with each of my Clients. I offer you the full range of legal services, including among others:

Legal advice and delivering legal opinions in matters of the Polish private internal and international law, business law, and the administrative law.

Preparation or evaluation of the draft contracts, articles of association, and other legal instruments.

Representing litigants before the courts of law of all tiers, including the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Constitutional Tribunal, EU courts (CFI, CJEU), the European Court of Human Rights, courts of arbitration and the administrative bodies. 

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